Talents (refresher training)

  • Friday, 27th August 2021
  • Online training
  • 09:00 to 17:00        € 250 (excl. VAT), 6 places
Refresher courses are for certified DISCOVER Professionals who want to regain their lost knowledge about DISCOVER, who want to have extra practice based on real life examples or who want to prepare for using DISCOVER again. The focus of this training is to learn how to apply DISCOVER Talents when developing people.
  • 09:00 — 17:00
    The day starts with a short inventory of the participants' experiences using DISCOVER Talents. What has everyone remembered and what questions and needs are there? You will receive an explanation of the most important characteristics of talents and you will analyze practical examples yourself and practice feedback conversations. You gain insight into your own preferences and practice with the scores of a test subject of your choice. You will have plenty of opportunity to ask questions and possibly bring in your own case. Your personal potential analysis and a potential analysis for a test subject are included in the price of the training (combined value € 550).


Online via Microsoft Teams