DISCOVER OrganisationSolutions for the growth of people, teams & organizations

Under the brand name DISCOVER we offer solutions for the growth of people, teams & organizations. We use “World-Class” online assessments for behaviour, motivators and talents from Innermetrix and advanced data analysis software from Tableau. Via DISCOVER Partners and DISCOVER Professionals you, as an individual or as an organization, get access to tools, expertise and support to further develop yourself as a person, as a team or as an organization.

Who we are

The company behind DISCOVER is Mastermind. Founded in 2006 by five partners as an independent management consultancy with a passion for results. In 2010, three partners started the DISCOVER activities and fully focused on the development of these solutions for the growth of people, teams & organizations. Since then DISCOVER has grown into a network of more than 500 certified professionals who develop people, teams and organizations all over the world, making use of the DISCOVER Tools and expertise.

What we do

Providing insight into the behavior, motivators and talents of people is the basis for what we do. With assessments that are among the best of their kind. With software for advanced analysis and presentation of data in a team and organization context. But above all through expertise, training and support of professionals who work daily to help people, teams and organizations in their development. We do this from independent advisors to multinationals and from non-profit to business services.

Focus on people

At DISCOVER, people are central. What drives someone? What are someone’s talents? How does someone view the world and themselves? Only with sufficient insight into the individual can you also properly understand and effectively develop team dynamics, leadership and organizational change. This applies to us as a provider of DISCOVER, for our DISCOVER Partners and DISCOVER Professionals and the tens of thousands per year who do a DISCOVER Assessment.