3 Assessments. Unique alone. Powerful together.

DISCOVER offers a complete toolkit for the growth of people, teams and organisations.

DISCOVER Behaviour

Describes visible behaviour other people can see. From when you are relaxed to when you adapt yourself to your environment.


DISCOVER Motivators

Describes values that consciously or unconsciously influence your behaviour. And how you can recognize these values in other people.



Describes your thinking styles, talents and non-talents. From how you look at the world around you to how you value yourself.


Practical tools. Powerful alone. Better together.

DISCOVER offers a complete toolkit for growing people, building teams and empowering organisations. The tools are powerful alone but even better when used together.

Grow people

3 AssessmentsThe why, how and what of people

DISCOVER helps you to measure and describe three aspects of people: their observable behaviour, their personal drivers and their natural talents.


  • Personal awareness
  • Better communications
  • Increased connectivity

Grow teams

Interactive analyticsTeam dynamics and leadership

DISCOVER helps you to identify team dynamics, build trust among team members, strengthen team leadership and maximize team potential.


  • Team awareness
  • Better collaboration
  • Increased committment

Grow organizations

Integrated toolkitExecute HR strategy

DISCOVER helps you to select the right people in the right place, mobilize your workforce and maximize the potential of your people


  • Company awareness
  • More effective organization
  • Everybody the same language

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