Much of the life of change and project managers revolves around people, process and technology. In these modern times we live in if you are doing anything new around process and technology and it is complicated, the chances are you are doing it wrong. The days of complex, over-engineered processes are dead; RIP. The future is in the here and now and process must be slick, lean and waste free otherwise your customer goes elsewhere and you are wasting your time and money. I’m not a technologist but I know that if you are installing software onto hardware you own and house inside your own estate, maintaining and supporting it yourself, investing heavily in resilience and redundancy you seldom use - then you ARE doing technology wrong. Provocative I know, especially as I admit to being no subject matter expert but I don’t care. I’m opinionated. Prove me wrong.

So, if I am right about process and technology [citation needed] ;) then the challenge is in people, right? Project managers, change managers, business analysts you all just became people managers. Or is it people leaders? I prefer the latter. Although the leadership versus management debate is my next blog article... so, stay tuned for that.

The reason for this is a simple one. Each and every person on the planet is born an individual [no citation needed] ;) Really? Yes. Sure, identical twins formed when one fertilised egg splits have the same DNA but they don’t have the same view on life. They have a different perspective; their paradigms (thanks Mr. Covey) are not the same. They watch the world through their very own filter. People sometimes spend hours, days, years even their whole life arguing about who’s right and who’s wrong when the reality is they just have a different filter. Your filter is formed as a child and changes into adulthood as a result of your own individual upbringing, experiences, feelings and the culture and society you live in.

Believe it or not, your filter is working right now and it is saying this is a good blog or a rubbish one or somewhere in-between, you may even be ambivalent. Whichever one, you aren’t right...or wrong. It’s just your filter.

Remember this and you will go far. I promise! *

* disclaimer: promises may or may not be kept.

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