McKinsey predicts War for Talent will go nuts by 2020

Ahead of the CEO briefing about talent management, a new study from McKinsey suggests that one of the biggest and most important trend in the coming years will be a shortage of:

  • high-skilled;
  • college-educated; 
  • knowledge workers for all advanced economies.

Shocking fact: There will be as much as 18 million workers shortfall in the world's richest countries. 

Implications from this study:

  1. The global war for talent will only intensify even further;
  2. Too few of these high-skilled knowledge workers will be produced that business really need; 
  3. Too many workers with only high school or vocational training will be looking for work.

Read here for the full story. 

In The Netherlands, we expect a shortfall of labour of about half a million between 2010 and 2015, due to changing demographics. Do you see the same issue in your business environment?

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