Fascinating facts about our human brain

For learners of the DISCOVER Talent language, we are interested in making people aware of how they think, how they learn and how to maximise their potential.

One important application of the DISCOVER Talent language is how to use latest research in the field of neuroscience to help people learn in the workplace.

As part of the introduction to the DISCOVER Talent language, below are some fascinating facts about our human brain. See this infographic created by a neurological institute in Nashville.

Some fascinating facts of the human brain:

  • 100 billion number of neurons
  • Stops growing at 18 years old
  • 60% is grey matter (neurons)
  • 70,000 thoughts per day
  • We use 100% of the brain, not just 10% as often rumoured
  • The amygdala in the brain lets us read facial cues

For more fascinating facts, take a look at the infograhic.

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