3 tips to go beyond your comfort zone

As DISCOVER Professionals, we all know that our DISCOVER Behaviour scores give us an indication whether we are working within:

  1. Our comfort zone,
  2. Our stretch zone, or
  3. Our stress zone.

How flexible and determined are we to move effortlessly from one zone to another depends on our passion and our talents.

In this blog, you will read about 3 quick tips that can prepare you when you get out of your comfort zone, to learn something new and maximise our developmental potential. These 3 tips are:

  1. Raise your own standards;
  2. Feel the fear and seek feedback; and
  3. Be brutally honest to yourself.

Starting to get out our comfort zone is easy. But what happens after that becomes more challenging, even scary for some. For now, these tips are meant to help prepare you when you stretch yourself beyond your comfort zone.

Tip #1: Raise your own standards

Are you doing the same things over and over again? Are you aiming for a goal that is easily achievable?

If yes, then perhaps it is too comfortable for you. To be outside of the comfort zone means constantly trying new things, doing things out of the ordinary or achieving goals previously thought impossible. Standards will constantly be going up, and will never end.

Tip #2: Feel the fear and seek feedback

Doing things differently can lead to uncertainty and possibly to fear. If you feel the fear, perhaps you are moving in the right direction, or perhaps you are moving off-tangent from your intended goal. Either way, you have moved out of your comfort zone.

If you feel fear, it may be an idea to seek feedback from a trusted colleague, trusted friend or mentor. Getting feedback from someone else will give you perspective. And motivation to push through.

Tip# 3: Be brutally honest to yourself

Excuses or blaming others are easy. Are you coming up with excuses? Are you doing it to avoid asking yourself the brutally honest questions?

If yes, then it is time to be true to yourself. How to be true to yourself? Get insight into your own natural talents, what drives you at this phase of your development and your own behaviour. Top performers and successful people know themselves perfectly: their strengths and their pitfalls. This way, they can be truly authentic and honest to themselves.

Not all of these tips may apply to you, depending on the context and situation that you are in right now. Take on these tips 1 or 2 at a time. See if they work for you. If yes, move on to the next tip or better still, to the next level of your own professional development (for example how to follow your passion, or re-define your roles) to be the best you can be!

Want to know more about following your passion or about your natural talents, contact me. Any feedback to this article, drop me a note.

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