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How to avoid groupthink

Here is a 90-second video of an academic, Adam Grant, speaking about how to avoid groupthink, by McKinsey.

From the Youtube site, "Groupthink is probably the biggest problem I hear leaders complain about. It’s the barrier to innovation. It leads to all kinds of bad decisions. It gets in the way of change. Every leader I work with wants to know, 'How do I get diversity of thought?' What most of them do is they assign a devil's advocate. They say, 'Look, if we have a majority…


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What is passion?

In this article, you find a fantastic summary about what exactly is passion.

The author, Caroline Beaton, work with millenials, but I am sure her article is also relevant for non-millenials, like us. ;-)

Firstly, passion does not equal to (life) purpose. Purpose is extrinsically driven (seeking connections or with larger purpose in life), whereas passion is intrinsically driven (what I value, love or get energy from).

Secondly, passion is shorter term oriented. It…


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Burnout caused by mismatch between unconscious needs and job demands

New research shows burnout is caused by mismatch between unconscious needs or implicit motives and the opportunities and demands/expectations at the workplace. The costs due to burnout and related stress to the EU companies are estimated to be EUR 272 billion!

Researchers from Universities of Zurich and Leipzig show that the unconscious needs play an important role in the development of burnout. These unconscious needs can be uncovered with the use of DISCOVER Motivators, among…


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3 tips to go beyond your comfort zone

As DISCOVER Professionals, we all know that our DISCOVER Behaviour scores give us an indication whether we are working within:

  1. Our comfort zone,
  2. Our stretch zone, or
  3. Our stress zone.

How flexible and determined are we to move effortlessly from one zone to another depends on our passion and our talents.

In this blog, you will read about 3 quick tips that can prepare you when you get out of your comfort zone, to learn something new and…


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How your brain works in 2 minutes

Want to know more about how the brain works?

The human brain is the most complex organ in your body. It squeezes out 70,000 thoughts a day. But where does it store information? And how does it generate flights of fancy? Explore the inner workings of your personal ideas factory

Click here to watch this educational video.

Great video from The Guardian.

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Focus on connecting with others - Daniel Goleman

Read here for a short but good article about how technology today is demanding lots (too much) of our attention. Instead of helping us to connect with others, technology can distract or block us from making real connection.

Nice quote from Daniel Goleman. "The social brain is in its natural habitat when we're talking with someone face-to-face in real time. It's picking…


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Top 10 mistakes in behaviour change

From Stanford University, they have put together top 10 mistakes in changing behaviour (ours and of others in a learning environment). 

Check it out here and let us know which mistakes do you recognise when attempting to change our own behaviour and of others. …


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McKinsey predicts War for Talent will go nuts by 2020

Ahead of the CEO briefing about talent management, a new study from McKinsey suggests that one of the biggest and most important trend in the coming years will be a shortage of:

  • high-skilled;
  • college-educated; 
  • knowledge workers for all advanced economies.

Shocking fact: There will be as much as 18 million workers shortfall in the world's richest countries. 

Implications from this study:

  1. The global war for talent will only…

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Fascinating facts about our human brain

For learners of the DISCOVER Talent language, we are interested in making people aware of how they think, how they learn and how to maximise their potential.

One important application of the DISCOVER Talent language is how to use latest research in the field of neuroscience to help people learn in the…


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Watching the world through your filter 

Much of the life of change and project managers revolves around people,…


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DISCOVER Behaviour: Over-stretching your DISC strengths

DISCOVER Behaviour: Your strengths and weaknesses

The DISCOVER language of behaviour gives you insights on your natural and adapted behavioural styles, or HOW you do things. Your behavioural styles are described in your own DISCOVER Behaviour report.

Linked to…


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Talent Management 3.0: why 3 years can make a big difference - Part 2

In part 1, we explored what talent management looked like prior to 2010. In this post, we will look at the trends, objectives and themes of Talent Management 3.0 post-2010.

Talent Management 3.0: The…


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Talent Management 3.0: why 3 years can make a big difference - Part 1

In the aftermath of the crisis of 2008-2011, CEOs today have again ranked Talent Management on top of their management agendas. The business drivers for their actions are clear:

  • Economic growth will resume, sooner or…

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